Products & Services

Parker Service Company is proud to offer quality Bryant Heating & Cooling products.
 Bryant Heating & Cooling Products are designed with the homeowner in mind offering Residential Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers and Commercial HVAC products.   From 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) to the ultra High Efficiency 18 SEER heating and cooling equipment we've got you covered.   Ask us about how upgrading your air conditioning unit to one of the newer more energy efficient heat pump systems can save you money.

Bryant air conditioners and heat pumps provide superior comfort solutions for your home or business that are unmatched in features and benefits.  They are designed to make your home or business the most comfortable place on earth.
We also offer a variety of thermostats to meet your comfort and energy efficiency needs.  A programmable or auto change thermostat may save you money by adjusting the temperature maintained in your home based on your own personal schedule. 
Do you or any of your family suffer from Allergies? You may benefit from one of our Indoor Air Quality Services. 

Air Purification
Parker Service Company offers UV-Aire In-Duct air
purification to improve the indoor air quality of your home. 
The UV-Aire system uses energy from a specially designed, high intensity, UV-C lamp to reduce microorganisms that cycle through a home's HVAC duct system.  Mounted inside the duct work with an external control switch, the UV-Aire system sterilizes contaminates as they pass by the lamp.  The process requires very little maintenance and costs just pennies a day to operate.   The system will continuously attack airborne mold, bacteria and viruses as they circulate through your duct work, helping reduce the spread of these contaminates.  Interested in learning more, check out the brief video below to see how an in-duct air purification system can help
improve the indoor air quality of your home.